DWA Wireless has been successfully offering wireless technology and IC system design workshops since more than 3 years now. The participants from the various market sectors have been successfully trained and advised by our experts to add expertise to their  Wireless Technology Roadmap and to achieve competitive products as well as wireless IC design goals.

The workshops follow a high level hands-on approach focused on the merger of market requirements driven by the newest wireless & IC Technology trends. The knowledge which is gained by the attendees can usually be used immediately at the workplace
at all levels of a wireless IC system.


All confirmed experts and well-skilled training people guarantee a high quality level of the training and great value to your design team. In addition we are cooperating with well recognized partners on various subjects related to the goals of the workshop, to complete the level of services to the participants. Most of our workshops take place at the customers location or in specially selected conference hotels.


The workshops lead customers (e.g. IC manufacturers or IC design centres) in building their own wireless IC System Design and in training all design team members on:



           - critical requirements of the wireless IC system design driven by market demand

-          - performance improvements of existing wireless designs by implementing new technologies

-          - combination of additional IP blocks in an existing wireless IC design

-          - development program of the wireless IC design



The result of such a workshop will enable the design team (partner) to set up a development program for the design of the wireless IC, which reduces the development time of the complete IC system up to 60%.


Within the development program the design team (partner) and DWA Wireless will identify and agree on the needed design requirements, tools and responsibility of each milestone / design phase.